Thread: string of numbers into int?

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    string of numbers into int?

    How would I turn a string with regular numbers in it into an int. I need to turn something like char tmp[3] into int x.

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    Here is the FAQ for string to int conversion. It is a very good FAQ.. because it helped me write this function that I used in my blackjack game:

    //Converts the first character of a playing card from 'string' to 'int' so numeric comparisons can be made.
    //Example:  string '2 of Diamonds' will be converted to integer '2'
    //istringstream can only accept the &address of the character to be streamed to integer
    int card_value(string card)  
    	int result = 0;
    	char *card_ptr;
    	card_ptr = &card[0];	//string class variables can be treated like arrays	
    	istringstream myStream(card_ptr); //create a 'myStream' object of class istringstream 
    	if (myStream >> result)	//String to Integer conversion (works only for numeric face values)
    		return result;		//return an integer value 2 thru 10
    		if (*card_ptr != 'A')
    			return 10;	//'J', 'Q', and 'K' will return a face value of 10
    			return 11; //'A' will return a value of 11
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