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    Binary Tree beginner

    Hello there everybody. We were just given an assignment before we were sent out on vacation for the thanksgiving holiday. I understand mostly everything the only thing I'm having trouble with is how to send a pointer to a function that is not a class. Simply just a regular user defined function. The function we have is listed as such

    isertnewnode(node *&p, int x);

    now I understand everything that is happening here the only problem I'm having is what do I send to this function for evaluation. right now I'm trying to send "root" and some integer to the function for evaluation. Does anybody out there know where to go with this bit of code at all

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    All you gave was a function prototype. We might be able to help if you posted more code. Be sure to use code tags.
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    More code should clear it up, but it looks like the reference (the &) means that the pointer will be updated inside the function. So instead of returning a pointer to the new node, this function just sets the parameter to the new value. That's not how I would have done it, but here is how you can use it:
    isertnewnode(node *&p, int x);
    node * root = 0;
    isertnewnode(root, 3);
    // root should now be something other than 0.
    Of course, this might be completely off depending on the code inside that function.

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