Thread: stray '\223' in program... Help

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    Exclamation stray '\223' in program... Help

    I have compiled and am trying to sort out errors of the program submitted earlier (see "substring hunt and gather") I am using Dev-C++ as my compiler and I receive alot of errors in the vein of
    " stray '\223' in program", ETC. This is like when the compiler displays "errors" (?) concerning the libraries; I do not understand the option, hint, or fix there either. Does anyone aboard have any experience with the above type of warnings?
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    Just a guess, but I noticed in another thread of yours that the quote characters were different:

    instead of:


    So re-type the quote characters in your program before you compile it.

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    stray '\223'

    You have this character on your source code and compiler warns you about it.
    It's usually shown as blank space but some Editors shows it with red background
    or how their behaviour has been build in.

    What you need to do is only delete it.... when you have found it.
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    Yeah, you usually get a lot of those when you copy/paste code directly from some nicely formatted code which has converted a regular double quote " into a nice sloping double quote

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