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    Istream strings

    Hi, just a quick one:

    can someone briefly sum up what istream strings and how to use them? I just cant seem to get my head around it!


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    an istream is a stream to have data placed into your program. The most common istream used by beginners is cin, but you can declare your own istream if you wish. ifstreams are istreams specialized to read data from files.

    A string is a variable to hold characters. Each string has a terminal null character. There are several different versions of strings.

    However, I'm not sure what you mean by istream strings. If you are refering to a single entity there are things like istrstreams and istringstream and other critters running around the language, but I can't tell for sure what you are asking about. Can you try to rephrase your question?

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    String streams are something different. I'm feeling lazy today, so I'll refer you to another source for this info:
    The class template basic_istringstream reads from an array in memory. It supports reading objects of class basic_string, and uses a basic_stringbuf object to control the associated storage. It inherits from basic_istream, and therefore can use all the formatted and unformatted input functions.
    - Rogue Wave Documentation


    You can format strings nicely and easily with them.
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