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    Unhappy keyboard stop working at Dos

    I dont know what has happened to my pc .
    I have win xp and borland c++ (3.1) and it is in 2 models ( one is run at windows and the other is run at Dos ) . usually I use the one that is run at win .
    for one of my classes I need to get the aski code of a simple program and our teacher told us useing the compiler that is run at Dos is better for undresatnding the aski code (if it be at win , the aski code will have some more codes ), but know I cant use the one that is run at Dos .
    when I enter the environment (the blue page that is similar to paskal invironment), both of keyboard and mouse stop working and just the " win " key of my keyboard works .
    can any one tell me what is wrong ? I have to solve this problem cause I must get the aski code and bring it for my teacher .

    can one of u use this code in his(her) compiler and give me the aski code ?
    #include <iostream.h>
    int f(char,float);
    int g=1;
    int main(){
    char a='A';
    float b=3.2;
    int k;
    cout << k;
    return 0;}
    int f(char a,float b){
    static int c=20;
    int f=6;
    cout << a <<'\n';
    cout << b <<'\n';
    cout << g <<'\n';
    cout << c <<'\n';
    return (12);}

    thanks alot

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    Here's a link to an ASCII chart.

    I don't know whats wrong with your DOS compiler set-up.

    Windows should print all of the "normal" ASCII characters. DOS will print an extended character set... i.e. characters above 127.

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