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    delete array of pointers

    i have declared and initialized an array of pointers like this:
    int* tmpArray=new int[size];

    whatz the difference between:
    delete[] tempArray;
    delete tempArray;

    when and where do i need the brackets? and whatz the diff?
    the compiler accepts both things.

    btw, i use borland builder 3.

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    Probably none if you're just deleting pointers to built in types rather than user defined classes, as most delete implementations will call the standard c function free(). However to be safe you should call delete [] whenever you allocate an array rather than a single object, and you must call delete [] for arrays of user defined types as it will call all of the destructors.

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    The best way to think about this is...

    if you used new then free with delete

    if you used new[] then free with delete[]

    if you used malloc() then free with free()

    remember this and you will be fine.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    Originally posted by Unregistered

    int* tmpArray=new int[size];
    Is this really an array of pointers? I thought it was something like this:
    int* Array[20];
    for(int i=0; i<20; i++)
      Array[i]=new int[size];

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