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    printing array

    How to get the number of all fields in array?

    Because I would like to show an array as in PHP:

    1 => "value",
    2 => "value2"

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    In c++.. you'll know the number of elements in an array because:

    1) you will have to initially declare the size of a static array

    for example: int array[5]; will have 6 elements.

    2) if you are using a dynamic array, you can just keep track of the array size each time you resize the array.

    int *array;

    int size = 50;

    array = new int[size];

    3) if you are using a vector, just use the size( ) function.

    example: int size = array.size( ); //will return the current size of the array and store into an integer variable named, 'size'
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    > for example: int array[5]; will have 6 elements.
    You mean 5 elements

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