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    network adapter

    hello i have a little difficult problem
    searchengines could not help me yet

    i have 2 zigbee (standard for wireless personal area networking, such as bluetooth) cards, connected to the pc's via usb
    now i'd like to programm (in C or C++) a network adapter to manage a TCP/IP connection over my cards (under windows 2000)
    i have a library with routines for sending data with these cards
    but i couldn't find anything about programming a network adapter
    so that i can send the tcp/ip packets from this adapter over my cards

    if anybody has some links, information, sourcecode or whatever could be helpfull, i would be very glad

    regards and thx in advance

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    This functionality may already be available on XP SP1 with an appropriate manufacturer provided driver.

    If you really want to write a netword driver, good luck.

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