Thread: having trouble with overloading operator+

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    having trouble with overloading operator+


    i wanted to overload a + operator to add two objects..i have an error which states "invalid operands `employee *' and `employee *' to binary `operator +'".. i do not know what is wrong with that statement, can anyone pls point out my mistake?? Thanks.

    //overloading example
    //write an overloading function so u can add the salary of 2 employee objects
    #include <iostream>
    #include <string>
    using namespace std;
    const short kmaxlength= 50;
    class employee
    	char name[kmaxlength];
    	float salary;
    	employee(char *emp_name, short sal);
    	float getsalary();
    employee::employee(char *emp_name, short sal)
    	strncpy(name, emp_name, kmaxlength);
    	salary = sal;
    	cout<<"creating employee: "<<name<<endl;
    	cout<<"Deleting employee: "<<name<<endl;
    float employee::getsalary()
    	return salary;
    float operator+(employee obj1, employee obj2)
    	return((obj1.getsalary() + obj2.getsalary()));
    int main()
    	employee *e1;
    	e1 = new employee("Ryan", 1000);
    	employee *e2;			
    	e2 = new employee("Jack", 500);
                    //Will this work instead of the above 4 lines??
    	//employee e1("Ryan", 1000);
    	//employee e2("Jack", 500);
    	float total_salary = 0;
    	total_salary = e1 + e2;
    	return 0;

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    hint: you didn't overload '+' to accept employee pointers
    i seem to have GCC 3.3.4
    But how do i start it?
    I dont have a menu for it or anything.

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    i need more hint.

    Quote Originally Posted by misplaced
    hint: you didn't overload '+' to accept employee pointers

    hi, what shd i add then??sorry for asking, but my first time writting overloading functions. i was not taught overloading for pointers, just normal + only..can give some code snipplets??

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    your operator accepts employee objects, you're passing it pointers to such objects.

    Either change your addition to something like total_salary = *e1 + *e2;
    or change the operator to work with pointers to employees instead of employees.
    You might even consider adding an operator that works on pointers so you can do both types of addition.

    Your operator for pointers works just like your current one, something like
    float operator+(employee* obj1, employee* obj2)
    	return obj1->getsalary() + obj2->getsalary();
    Mind I don't really like the idea of having an overloaded operator return something that's of a different type from the input objects.
    It doesn't reflect the concept of addition.
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    binary + should take in two const references to your class and return a new object of that class.

    Edit: Actually only the first parameter needs to be a const reference, the other can be anything else that makes sense to add to your class. The return values doesn't have to be your class but it should make sense.
    So if I'm adding two employee's together I would expect an employee back since they are the same "unit". Just like if I was adding 5 miles to 10 miles I'd expect to get miles as my answer.
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