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    Question Learning C++

    I have just started learning C++ from a Book. Now i find that when i read the book i understand everything ..but the next day i forget 50% of what i read, with the result i have to back track everytime. Also what type of programes do i write for practice??.....
    some times i nearly give up home..but then there is soo much to learn in C++ and its power facinates me and finally motivates me to continue on....
    Please advise me as to how is the best possible way to learn this language properly???BOOKS, Practice???

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    C++ How to program by Deitel and Deitel.
    A great introductory text book which gives fair coverage of most topics.Weak on STL and exceptions but good on control structures,arrays,classes etc. Full of exercises.Comes with learning edition of visual c 6

    The C++ programming Language by Bjarne Stroustrup.
    This is a hard to read book that goes into good detail about programming portable code. Only standard functions used.Nothing OS specific. Leave this book for a while or you will just give up. Again full of exercises but harder than previous book.

    Effective C++ by Scott Meyers.
    This is a kind of 50 tips to be a better programmer book and is a must have as soon as you start oop programming. No exercises but lots of valuable information and as he has a good sense of humour its a good read too.

    The C++ standard library by Nicolai Josuttis.
    The best book I have read on the STL. Buy this as soon as you start to program with vectors,lists and deques etc. Full of code samples and entertainingly written.

    Programming windows by Charles Petzold.
    Eventually you will want to learn the win32 api. This book is the best place to start with that. All code is in C but thats no problem.

    Programming windows with MFC by Jeff Prosise.
    Sister book to one above. This time programming for windows using microsoft foundation classes. Good book but urge you to learn the api and read petzold before moving onto this one.
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    >>Now i find that when i read the book i understand everything ..but the next day i forget 50% of what i read

    The easiest way to learn is to try and implement it. The books come with examples usually, so if there is a principal that you are forgetting, try write a brief program that uses it. It shouldnt usually be too hard as you have the book in your hand. You will often get a better understanding and it can often stick in your mind better.

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    Einstine had his best thoughts after a nap. If you find that you are forgetting, try taking a nap. I know that you probly quit taking naps before you got into school, so what I recomend is doing it after you get up in the morning. Maybe go to bed early so you can get up early? Just a suggestion...I usualy program after I get home from work.
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    Most books come with excercises to do. I find that after doing an excercise, it's much easier to remember things from a book or a tutorial or anything. BTW, don't learn from friends. My friend thinks he is a superelite programmer, but he sux.
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