Thread: Deleting Dynamic array's of an object

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    Deleting Dynamic array's of an object

    I'm trying to dynamically create an array of objects, then have them delete later on but for some reason i'm getting an error with the delete line. I'm still confused with the whole dynamic object thing, but hopefully this will help me get the hang of it. Here is what I did let me know where I am going wrong...

    Inside the constructor of one file I call anther class and create it dynamically. (inside the constructor)

    Score * list = new Score[10];

    I'm not having any errors with that but when I try to delete the same thing using this code. (Inside the deconstructor)

    delete [] list;

    I get an error saying that
    15: error: `list' undeclared (first use this function)

    Here is my code for both the constructor and deconstructor...

    Storage::Storage(int dis)
    Score * list = new Score[10];

    delete [] list;

    Any idea?

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    1. Read the sticky post about posting code!!!

    Score * list = new Score[10]; wont be saved anywhere. to fix this do something like this:
    class Storage
    Score* list;
    Storage(int dim); ~Storage();
    }; Storage::Storage(int dim) { list = new Score[10]; } Storage::~Storage() { delete[] list; }
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    >Score * list = new Score[10];
    You allocate a dynamic array of 10 Score objects and store them in list.

    You exit the function and list is destroyed because it goes out of scope. Your reference to the memory is gone even though the memory was never released. That's called a memory leak.

    The problem is a surprisingly common one, accidentally declaring and initializing a variable instead of assigning to a data member.
    My best code is written with the delete key.

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