Thread: Still can not write or read from save file

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    Post Still can not write or read from save file!!PLEASE HELP

    I am pulling my hair out. Can someone please help I am lost with this. This is the code I am useing to save the file.


    int getpin(int & );
    int i;

    using namespace std;

    int main()

    //declare variables

    string clerkId ="";
    int ssn =0;
    string name ="";
    string address ="";
    string city ="";
    string state ="";
    int zip =0;
    int pin = 0;
    int visa = 0;

    //enter input itesm to a file

    ofstream outfile;"WACKOFILE.dat", ios:ut);


    //Clerk is to enter ID for login Information

    cout<<"Enter ClerkId: ";
    getline(cin, clerkId);

    //This will Loop Through Program and then Exit Loop
    //Once Clerk-ID id Null

    while(clerkId != "xx")

    //Get Name Address City State Zip Social Security Number

    cout <<"Enter SSN: ";
    cout <<"Enter Name: ";
    getline(cin, name);
    cout <<"Enter Address: ";
    getline(cin, address);
    cout <<"Enter City: ";
    getline(cin, city);
    cout <<"Enter State: ";
    getline(cin, state);
    cout <<"Enter Zip: ";
    pin = getpin(visa);

    // Format Title Lines for Name, Address, City, State, and Zip

    cout<<setw(25)<<left<<"Name"<<" "<<setw(25)<<left<<"Address"<<" "
    <<setw(16)<<left<<"City"<<" "<<setw(2)<<"ST"<<" "<<setw(5)<<left<<"Zip"<<endl;

    //Format Display Output

    cout<<setw(25)<<left<<name<<" "<<setw(25)<<left<<address<<" "
    <<setw(16)<<left<<city<<" "<<setw(2)<<state<<" "<<setw(5)<<setfill('0')<<right<<zip<<endl;
    cout<<setw(2)<<left<<"ClerkID"<<" "<<setw(9)<<setfill(' ')<<left<<"SSN"<<endl;
    cout<<setw(2)<<left<<clerkId<<" "<<setw(9)<<left<<ssn<<endl;

    outfile<<setw(25)<<left<<name<<" "<<setw(25)<<left<<address<<" "
    <<setw(16)<<left<<city<<" "<<setw(2)<<state<<" "<<setw(5)<<setfill('0')<<right<<zip<<endl;
    outfile<<setw(2)<<left<<"ClerkID"<<" "<<setw(9)<<setfill(' ')<<left<<"SSN"<<endl;
    outfile<<setw(2)<<left<<clerkId<<" "<<setw(9)<<left<<ssn<<endl;

    cout<<"Enter ClerkId: ";
    getline(cin, clerkId);

    {cout<<"File not Open"<<endl;}
    return 0;


    int getpin(int & visa)



    visa = 10000 + rand()%(99999-10000 + 1);
    return 10000 + rand()%(9999-1000 + 1);



    And this is the code I am useing to open and write to the save file, but all that happens is it opens a console window that says press any key to continue. When I press a key it shuts the window. Please Help

    Thank You
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    I am finding it difficult to read your code since you did not, here, or in your last post, manage to fix the [CODE][/CODE] tags. Which makes me think you just copied and pasted the exact same question into a new thread to get it at the top of the list. This is worse than even just bumping. One thread is sufficient for a topic.

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