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    Mirror Driver

    I am trying to write an app that mirrors a portion (or rather two) of the pr
    imary display onto a seconday monitor in real time. In its final instance t
    he user will need to be able to define the clipping region from the primary
    display and then the destination location of the mirrored data on the second
    ary monitor.

    I am a visual basic programmer but realise I will need to do this in c/c++ b
    ut I dont mind learning!!!

    After much searching I have come up with two methods, one the bitblt and the
    other a mirror driver. Unfortunately I have no idea what either mean. I k
    now there is a sample on the Windows DDK which uses a mirror driver but I ca
    nt find it anywhere for download and dont want to spend 199 dollars unless I
    m sure it will do what I want.

    Does anyone have any ideas/advice but preferably sample code that will do so
    me or all of the above.

    Many thanks in advance.


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    Start reading basic c++ tutorials and learn the basics.

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    You could probably do this in VB. Look up "screenshot code" to copy from the original screen and BitBlt the result to a destination window. Repeat several times per second.

    The BitBlt function simply copies an image from a source device to a destination device. A device may be a screen, printer or memory.

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    The windows DDK isnt $199. I got my copy off MSDN for about $20 if I remember correctly. A note of warning though, unless you are very very comfortable with C, writing a driver will not be an option for you.

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    Sounds just like this ->

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