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    How to Optimize

    How can i optimize the size of exe and lib files produced by DEV C++ ver 4.9.9 (5 beta) , the produced ones are to large
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    try making sure that you are building a release build, and not a debug one. Also look for any additional header files that you might of included and do not need.
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    I've noticed that win32 apps compiled with DEV-C++ are huge!
    Almost as double as with MS compiler from VC6.
    But for console apps its very good.. only 17 18 KB minimum for file size.

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    I have disabled generate debug info but still hugeeeeeee
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    you'll have to search through all the options... there are several in there to help you optimize your code (they're disabled by default)...

    I'm not sure how much that'll help you, because I haven't played with them too much myself...
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    Place your functions/classes in DLLs. This should decrease the size of the actual static EXE.

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