Thread: NEED Quick Standard Solution!

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    NEED Quick Standard Solution!

    Simple question,
    Is there a way to convert a string
    to char* or char [255]
    either will work for me.
    I did a google search but to much junk to sort
    through came up and nothing that really helped!

    All replies are appreicated, and thanks in advance!

    string mystring = "Hello World!";
    converted to : (but the below does not work)

    char * mychars = mystring;
    char mychars[255] = mystring;
    I even went as far as to use a for loop to copy each individual
    character from the string, but that didnt always prove successful
    i need a surefire way!

    I also tried strcpy() but it only seems to copy
    char* to char* or string to string, not string to char*
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    for(int i = 0; i < smaller_of_the_two_sizes; i++)
        mychars[i] == mystring[i];
    //don't forget to throw the null terminator at the end of mychars.
    strcpy(mychars, mystring.c_str());

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    A couple questions? Do you need to be able to modify it?
    If no:
    Will return a const char *

    If you need to be able to modify it:
    char *ptr = new char [mystring.length()+1];
    // copy from the string and append a null character
    // do whatever
    delete[] ptr;

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    No ive already done the modifying to the string,
    then the char will remain const!

    ah maybe thats why the forloop i did before didnt work
    i forgot the '\0' ok thanks, ill replay back if it worked!

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    Thank You Both Of You Guys!

    c_str(), allowed my code to compile with no errors
    or warnings, im unable to test if it works completely
    yet for the code is not complete but it should!

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