Thread: change characters entered from user to all uppercase

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    change characters entered from user to all uppercase

    i made a program in Visual C++ and then tried to run it on Dev C++, and i used the command "toupper" and when i tried to run it on Dev, it wouldn't compile, here's the sample code....

    if(line[i]!=' ') wadptr[cnt]->word[i]=toupper(line[i]);else break;

    i need something to replace the "toupper"...


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    Did you include the correct header for toupper? Also, you may want to consider searching the forums for toupper. Or "upper case" or something similar. There have been various methods in the past for the same or similar topic.

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    I found this in ctype.h in my MSVC++6.0 include dir
    #define _toupper(_c) ( (_c)-'a'+'A' )
    I'm don't feel like analysing the precompiler directives to find out when this is compiled, but this is a example of extreme stupidity. So check whether your toupper function is working well.
    char my_toupper(char c){
        if('a'<=c && c<='z')
            return c-'a'+'A';
        return c;
    //Or as macro if you prefer:
    #define my_toupper(c) ( ('a'<=(c) && (c)<='z') ? ((c)-'a'+'A') : (c) )

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    like quzah said, make sure you include the correct header file.

    #include <ctype.h>

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoD
    like quzah said, make sure you include the correct header file.

    #include <ctype.h>
    shouldn't that be #include<ctype>, since the .h is droped now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xipher
    shouldn't that be #include<ctype>, since the .h is droped now.
    No. It should either be <ctype.h> or <cctype>. Both are standard, the first one is deprecated for C++, the second one is preferred for C++.

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    This is the code I used in a previous program in order to convert to upper case:
    input is the message stored in a char array

    for(int i=0; i<(strlen(input)); i++) {
        input[i] = toupper(input[i]);              // convert the input to UPPER CASE
    The only header I had to include was iostream

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    did you try subtacting 'a' and then adding 'A' like xErath pointed out?

    of course, I would use toupper(), but if you really want to avoid it, there's your way around it...
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