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    function isVowel

    I have this code that I am having trouble trying to get working, I am new to programming and am having difficulty can someone help me get my function to work properly?

    I have to identify whether or not a vowel has been entered then once it has been entered I need to display the number of vowels in the sentence. I can't figure out the proper logic to do the count and display my output. I am following my chapter but I am obviously doing something very wrong. The comments were what my teacher said needed to be done. Can someone help me?

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    bool isVowel(char ch);

    int main()

    char letter, quit;

    cout<<"Enter a sentence "<<endl;
    cin.get(letter); // use cin.get(letter); to store the character data in variable ch
    cout<<"There are "<<isVowel(letter)<<" vowels in this sentence. "<<endl;

    cout<<"Press any key to continue "<<endl;

    // use cin.get(ch); to store the character data in variable ch
    return 0;

    // add logic here to test if the character is a vowel
    // and if it is a vowel,then increment a counter

    bool isVowel(char ch)
    if (ch == 'a' || ch == 'A' || ch == 'e' || ch == 'E' || ch == 'i' ||
    ch == 'I' || ch == 'o' || ch == 'O' || ch == 'u' || ch == 'U')
    return true;
    return false;

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    I'm not completely sure of what you want to be done, but I think you'll be needing some loops. Here's what I think you want to have happen:

    while the user doesn't want to quit
       Get a character
       if it's a vowel
          add it to the running total
       if it's the quit value
           end loop
        print sentence
       print running total

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    What I would do, is store the input into an array (of type char)

    I would then create a for loop as such:
    for (int i=0; i<strlen((message)); i++) {
    if(message[i] == A || message[i] == I || etc) {
    // this character is a vowel
    number_of_vowels++;  // increment count for number of vowels
    }  // end if
    } // end for
    cout << "The number of vowels is " << number_of_vowels << endl;
    tweak code/complete as needed
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