I Just got Dev5 and I didn't want to bother with SDL(In Dev4 I got it to work Unorthodoxly) and decied to use the internet upgrade thing. So I used it to Download and install SDL. Now I am just beginning my tutorials with SDL and It is not working. I think the problem is that the Compiler is not actualing looking at the SDL.h files. But someone on anouther board told me that i needed to link some thing with -SDL or -initSDL?

If you would be so kind as to show me how to do this I Have no Idea where anything is in Dev5 and I was hoping someone could give me a step by step instruction on how to fix my problem.

My Symptoms:
1Every SDL Function is undeclared according to compiler errors.
2The #Include"SDL.h" does not turn up an error.
3The #Include<SDL.h> does not turn up an error.
4None of the functions are initizlized. (Same problem as 1)

Also I have tried some other method but even when the Program did compile It would not run saying: Need a Host Application, set one in Parameter.