Thread: putting an array of 10 integers in order

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    putting an array of 10 integers in order

    i cant think of a good way to do this, if i was to have an integer array of 10 different random integers, then i want to put them in order in a dfferent array how would i go about doing this?
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    Look into sorting methods, this is a common topic, do a board search

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    If you want to learn how to code a sort, then definitely search for appropriate techniques. If this just needs to get done, use std::sort in <algorithm>.

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    The classic simple method is a bubble-sort. Note that a bubble-sort does not sort the values into a new array. It uses a single temporary variable to allow you to swap two values at a time in the original array.

    Whatever method you use, you will have to loop-through the array multiple times.

    If you write your own algorithm (such as simply looking for the lowest value, then the next-lowest value) make sure you can handle duplicate values in the array.

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