Thread: troubleshooting user's input mistakes

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    troubleshooting user's input mistakes

    ok, so I am back here struggling with beginner's stuff.

    this is the question: when I prompt the user for some input, e.g.:

    int number;
    cin >> number;

    what can i do for trapping input errors, for example the user inputting a type of data which is different from the variable the program is waiting for? (some chars instead of an integer value or the like)
    thanks in advance

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    There are two ways of doing this.
    1) look into cin.good(),,cin.clear()
    2) get all input as a string using cin.getline and parse the string.If you need to covert to numbers there is atoi() and atof() to do that.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    ...or make your own input-function. Perhaps you want to prevent the user from typing in more than say 10 letters. I don't think you can do that with cin/scanf.

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