Thread: Beginner, trying to learn how to make an image.

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    Beginner, trying to learn how to make an image.

    Ok, so I'm trying to learn how to make ANYTHING in Direct X. I came across a bit of code, demonstrating how to do colors. Here it is

    struct SColor
        int r;
        int g;
        int b;
    SColor make_rgb( int r, int g, int b )
        SColor ret;
        ret.r = r;
        ret.g = g;
        ret.b = b;
        return ret;
    I don't know how structs work, so can someone please explain that, and can someone explain how this would work. Are these Functions? Sorry, I'm just a really enthusiastic beginner programmer, wanting to make a colorful circle or somthing.
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    Well it is definetly not the full code to display any colors on your screen, its more just part of the explanation of how to make a color template to be reused for different combinations.


    //// now my senseless gabber comments that are probably incorrect, I dont like structs, grrawr

    struct SColor //start a struct
        int r; //get a color value red
        int g; //get a color value for green
        int b; //get a color value for blue
    }; //alright so its like a template that can be filled with defines outside
    SColor make_rgb( int r, int g, int b ) //make a function using the struct
        SColor ret; //sets to the struct to edit variables
        ret.r = r; //uses 'ret' to set the 'r' in the struct up there to defined 'r'
        ret.g = g; //same with 'g'
        ret.b = b; //same with 'b'
        return ret; //
    I dont know much about C++, and even less about structs.. but its just .. example code on how to use basic code to set the colors to be used by direct x to draw.. this script though doesnt draw anything.. just gives you a shortcut so you can go like so:


    and have the 10 be the r, 5 be the g, and 9 be the b, so then instruct SColor you could use your direct x displaying code using those r/b/g inputs.

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