I just bought another book and was curious to all your opinions on it. Basically out of the books everyone suggested in past threads i only saw 2, and they were thinner and seemed to be limited in its aim where as i want a broad view of c++ still.

Through searching it basically came down to two books.
1.) Apress' "Ivor Horton's Beginning, ANSI C++ The Complete Language"

2.) Sam's "C++ Primer"

Now both were fairly big, bout 1k pages. Both seemed to cover things, each had a dif feel. Overall i heard many complaints about the Sam's lines and i love the one i have (21 days), however i did not trust this due to the bad publicity. And i remember seeing Ivor Horton's name on another book (i believe it was dif) with good ratings on here (cboard).

So i was just curious what you all thought of the book if you've read it, or any reviews you saw. Thanks!

Btw as i said i already bought it, so no use warning me against it. None the less feel free to express yourself in full, i kinda wanted another viewpoint on c++ (sams vs else) so thats another reason i went with this. That and the fact i (seriously lol) let a quarter decide which book i went with .

So thanks!