Thread: How to draw a Star-Shaped regular Polygon??

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    Question How to draw a Star-Shaped regular Polygon??

    I need to know about the algorithm to draw a star-shaped polygon. My problem is : give a (x,y) co-ordinate and a lenth d, how i use Bresenham or DDA algorithm to draw a star-shaped???

    In addition: How i can draw a line with negative ordinate , such as : from (3,5) to (-12,6).
    How to convert the descartes co-ordinate to screen co-ordinate??


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    I suspect the ways to do this are as varied as are the number of operating systems and/or graphical user interface you are trying to use. Please post what operating system you use, the compiler you are using, the target system you are writing for and any graphics library you are using: for example

    Windows, MSVC6.0, Console Program, ASCII art


    Windows,, Windows, DirectX


    Linux, DevC++ 4.9, Windows, OpenGL


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