Thread: Always rounding up

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    Always rounding up

    I'm trying to figure how much paint someone will need. I have this right here:

    int gallonsPaint = 0;
    double paintCost = 0;

    gallonsPaint = (int)totalFootage / SQUARE_FOOTAGE;

    Anything over 0 should be 1. If gallonsPaint is over 1 then I want to output 2. Anything over 2 should be 3. And so on. What should I do?

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    This is kind of a hack, but you could always do something similar to:
    Thats if totalFootage or SQUARE_FOOTAGE is a double or float. If not, then cast them as one.

    [edit] I'm pretty sure the math header has a ceiling function you could look into as well [/edit]
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    One option is to use function ceil().
    #include <cmath>
    gallonsPaint = static_cast<int> (std::ceil(totalFootage / SQUARE_FOOTAGE));

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