Thread: Im a Newbie with a graphics design problem for my simple game

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    Im a Newbie with a graphics design problem for my simple game


    I have written a game, a simple 2D game that I wrote in BORLAND C++ V4 for DOS.

    All my moving characters in the games are ASCII characters so it looks a bit naf at the moment.

    I was thinking of how to get some user defined graphics put into the program and have 2 options:

    1) Ask my fellow buddys on CPROGRAMMING.COM if there is any graphics library for use in this compiler. I always have problems with DJGPP compiler and dont know much ALLEGRO. I am willing to teach myself if someone can help me though.

    or 2) I thought I could somehow make a new FONT in DOS that was like Windows Windings. Then I could design simple graphics the size of Text Characters that would work well for my needs while I learn something more professional for the future.

    What are your thoughts and ideas, They are all appreciated, good or bad.

    Cheers all, Rob.

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