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    about "this"

    i am writing a function in which based on some condition i am supposed to call another function with this passed as a parameter to it..

    my code is somewhat like this..
    class b
    	b& func1(b &,b &);
    	b& func2(b &);
    b& b :: func1(b &x,b &y)
    	z = new b();
    	return z;
    b& b :: func2(b &x)
    	z = new b();
    		//if i use this --no matching function call to 'b::func1(b* const,b&)'
    		z = func1(this,x);
    		//if i use this --cannot convert 'b' to 'b*' in assignment
    		z = func1(*this,x);
    		z = x;
    	return z;
    please help me...
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    Second one is correct, first one is not.
    Your problem is with z. Is it a pointer or a reference/actual object. You treat it as a pointer once ('z = new b()'), and as an object or reference the second time ('z = func1...' and 'z = x' where x is a reference). If it is a pointer, then your memory management is a bit flawed as you lose the pointer to the data you allocate with new (memory leak).
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