Thread: Dev C++ Compiler, Indentation?

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    Does anyone have any idea if you are able to modify how the compiler (Dev C++, latest version) indents?

    And is it possible to make the compiler indent? Like a little button or command to make the compiler look through all the code make everything indented?

    The compiler indents a bit dif than id like it, and sometimes i need to make a bunch of none indented text indented, and was hoping the compiler has it like some old scripting programs iv used (not c++). Thanks!
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    Just look in the drop down menus for something called Properties... or Options.... It'll have settings like how many spaces, etc...

    Dev-C++ always indents pretty close to what is accepted as the norm for C++. I would advise against anything drastically different, as it will hinder readability. And you can delete the indents just like characters.

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    Well i dont want anything drasticly different. Its just for some functions and bracket sets it will do them odly, which i dont like. like sometimes it does stuff (reasons i cant remember right now) like..


    which overall is just annoying, simple small things.
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    yeah, with dev-c++ you can change how many characters it indents by, if it uses "smart" indentation, and if it converts tabs to characters... I usually use four spaces and convert them to characters...

    in the top menu, look through each section until you find compiler options. there'll be a list of checkboxes and a section on the bottom to enter how many spaces it will take...

    also, you can highlight text and press tab and it'll indent all that text, or you can press shift + tab to unindent text...
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