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    STL list and struct

    My problem is this , Iwant make a list not of atomic elements, my list must be of agrgate data like a struct. With the container vector of the stl , the programa run okey with an iteratro eg. vitr i can access to dada memebers of struct like this

    typedef struct
    string salario;
    int edad;
    } persona;
    vector<persona>::iterator vitr;
    for (vitr = v.begin(); vitr!=v.end(); vitr++)
    cout << vitr->edad << "//";
    cout << vitr->salario << "**";

    but in the case of list of structs thera ara many problems:


    #include <iostream> // C++ I/O routines
    #include <list> // The STL list class
    #include <string>
    using namespace std;
    typedef struct MYSTRUCT
    string valor2;
    int valor1;


    void inserta(list<MYSTRUCT>& );
    int main ()
    list<dat> x;

    int t;

    for (t=1;t<=20;t++)
    // Show all of the items now in the list.
    list<dat>::iterator i;

    for (i = x.begin(); i != x.end(); i++)
    cout <<i->valor1<<"--";// the compiler Borland c++ v5 mark error there
    cout << i->valor2 <<"--";// and there

    cout << "\n\n\n";

    cout << x.size();
    cout << x.max_size();

    void inserta(list<dat>& x)
    dat pMySrtuct ;
    pMySrtuct.valor1 = random(100)+1;
    pMySrtuct.valor2 = "Buenas";

    the error message is :
    Pointer to strcuture required on left side -> or ->*
    Please tell how I can make a list of struct data and manage the items with iterator like a vector or deque
    Thanks and sorry for my English.

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    Please edit your post and add code tags (as described in the stickied post: << !! Posting Code? Read this First !! >>).

    That part of your code looks correct at first glance, and it compiles for me when I remove the randomize() and random() function calls that aren't defined.

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