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    the next step

    after finish my c++ book 1 year later

    now i cant decide what should be my next step,

    my logic says win32 programming but i dont feel really good turning back to c, pluss i checked some info about win32 and the experts says that in the next windows version win32 programming will be out, if i go to MFC the experts says i must win32 first, .
    if i decide to unix , i dont know how mutch future i have programming on unix,

    so will be helpull for me to hear the others comments , sugestions, experinces, etc

    thanks in advance and plase excuse my poor english

    btw, for newbies trying to figure out wich book to buy for learning c++ try "c++ how to program" by deitel, is damn good and complete, but of course no one book can teach you all, sometimes you will get lost with the book, but we have a jewel :
    "this formun" i think was the best tool to finish my c++ course 1 year later.
    cheers and thanks to all the people that helped me in this forum to finish my task

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    i don't think learning win32 will be a waste of time...i'm sure it will be a good foundation for this 'next version' you speak of...i doubt windows will redo their entire api any time soon anyway....i mean hell, they're like 4 years behind on their new filesystem and they still won't have it ready for the next windows release...
    i seem to have GCC 3.3.4
    But how do i start it?
    I dont have a menu for it or anything.

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    If you want to be a good programmer, consider focusing on design patterns, algorithms, data structures, etc. These are considered good books to continue on to:

    I personally think you can learn to make Windows GUI apps using other languages like VB, C#, Java or whatever. I would focus your C++ learning on advanced C++ topics like the ones in the books mentioned above.

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    good points thanks a lot

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    Exclamation C, C++ and Win32

    my logic says win32 programming but i dont feel really good turning back to c
    Here's the deal... The Win32 API library doesn't require C++. Petzold uses C in his examples. But, he is showing you how to make a nice GUI interface, and how to use the Win32 API. He's not trying to show you how to make your underlying program do anything useful.

    The Win32 API is a bunch of functions, structures, typedefs, and constants. You can use these in a C++ program with classes/objects, STL, etc., just as easily as you can use them in a C program. (You will have to use some C-style strings.)

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    ok will check mr perzold's book

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