Thread: fread - what am I doing wrong

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    fread - what am I doing wrong

    I'm supposed read the content of a file, trim its content and copy the trimed content to a secundary file.... somehow, it's not working like it was supposed to .... any idea ????

    PHP Code:
    if( (Buffer=fopen(m_Source_File"r" )) == NULL )
    MessageBox("Source File Not Found");
    freadSource_Textsizeofchar ),2048Buffer );
    pdest strstr(Source_Text,"ISUP MESSAGE MONITOR RESULT");
    Text_Trim_Begin pdest Source_Text;
    pdest strstr(Source_Text,"END ");
    Text_Trim_End pdest Source_Text +3;
    int i=Text_Trim_Begina=0i<Text_Trim_End;i++, a++)
      if( (
    Buffer =fopen(m_Destination_File"w+" )) == NULL )
    MessageBox("Destination File Not Found");
    int space Text_Trim_Begin Text_Trim_End 1;
    fwrite(pTitle_1,   sizeof(char), 82  Buffer);
    fwrite(pTitle_2,   sizeof(char), 82  Buffer);
    fwrite(Source_Text,sizeof(char), Text_Trim_EndBuffer);     // I belive the error is in this line .... not shure
    fwrite(pTitle_3,   sizeof(char), 82  Buffer);

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    Well if its a text file, stick to fgets() and fputs()

    Oh, and stick to code tags, not php tags

    > fread( Source_Text, sizeof( char ),2048, Buffer );
    This does NOT append a \0 to the data read
    > pdest = strstr(Source_Text,"ISUP MESSAGE MONITOR RESULT");
    This needs a \0 to work properly
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