Thread: Another type of file I/O?

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    Another type of file I/O?

    Is there a way to make a non readable/non editable file using C++ or is there an easier way of saving data for my game?

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    well you could try encrypting the file or somthing like that.

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    You can change the attributes of a file to make it Read Only - not sure how you would do that in straight C++, however. Beware that there are ways around this. If someone wants to tamper with a file there's probably a way to do it, the only thing up to you is how difficult it is - do your job well enough and not too many people will bother.

    Rune Hunter also makes a good suggestion. Some ideas would be to add checks that would tip your program off that someone had been tampering with it. ASCII files are easily readable and changeable, but binary files are harder for humans to work with outside of a program designed just to read them. They have some drawbacks, like OS inconsistencies, but look into it.

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    Lightbulb Look into "exclusive-or" encryption.

    Exclusive-or encryption (aka XOR encryption) is the simplest way to make your file "unreadable". It uses bitwise exclusive-or to scramble the data.

    The beauty of XOR encryption is that it uses the same simple algorithm to encrypt and decrypt. The downside is that it can be easy to crack if you use a simple (i.e. 1-character) key. I believe it is used more often as an introduction to bitwise operations than real encryption. However, it will scramble the file so that it's not readable without decrypting.
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