Thread: standard time, help.

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    standard time, help.

    Im not all lost (I hope) but I do not understand the use of
    std::time(0), could anyone please explain
    exactly what it does as the program compiles without the
    use of that function... but the time it displays is not correct.
    (This actually gives a hint about the importantness of std::time(0)
    but what I want is an accurate description).
    #include <iostream>
    #include <ctime>
    int main()
    	int hour, min, sec;
    	time_t now=std::time(0);
    	tm *thetime = std::localtime(&now);
    	hour = thetime->tm_hour;
    	min = thetime->tm_min;
    	sec = thetime->tm_sec;
    	cout << hour << ':' << min << ':' << sec;
    Last edited by antex; 10-19-2004 at 02:57 PM. Reason: mixed swedish and english var names in same code... got compile error ofcourse as for example.. I defined int sec and tried to output sek

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    It returns the current time. The rest of the program (after fixing typos so that it will compile) just interprets the value returned by time(0) so that it is readable for you.

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    I thought time(0) returned the number of milliseconds since January 1, 1970?

    [edit] nevermind, i just noticed the line with std::localtime which changes everything [/edit]

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    ok, thanks

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