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    Dev C++ compiler question

    I've seen this many times, and I have yet to figure out exactly how I can use it. Let me give you a ferinstance.


     void Fraction:MultFrac()
    oops! forgot the second ":". When I go to insert it, down drops a menu :
    Function  void AddFrac()
    Variable   int den
    Function  void DisplayFrac()
    Function  void DivFrac()
    Function  void GetFraction()
    Function  void MultFrac()
    Variable   int num
    Function  void RawDisplay()
    Function  void Reduce()
    Function  void SubFrac()
    So what does this do and how can it help me? I also noticed that it seems to give you some sort of menu when you start to overload constructors.
    Maybe they have something over at Dev's page that I've overlooked?

    *edit note...forgot some parenthesis. Not that you wouldn't have gotten the gist of it, but good habits early and all that.
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    the list is a way to display the members of the class you are refering to without scrolling up the page to find the correct spelling, etc. At least in some compilers, the program will highlight the member that you are trying to type in based on the letters you've typed so far, and, when it does so, you can hit the enter button and it will type in the rest of the member information for you, decreasing the risk of typos. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it's a nuisance.

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