Thread: i need your help about writing data to file

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    Question i need your help about writing data to file

    I've read the LZW compression algorithm. And i know i must use 12 bit number to code the string.
    But i dont know how to write this code 12 bit to file. Because when using fwrite function, it just accepts bytes (not bit).
    How can i do that with bit. Someone tell me do this :
    write 16bit (2 bytes) , certainly remaining 4 bit from the next code. And add the next 16 bit to file, surely contains 8 bit from the next code, and so one. I think it is right, isn it?
    But how i can do that?
    Please suggesting me all the technologies i have to learn for this purpose.
    Or give me the link to page that contain this topic or tutorial.

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    i dont knwo anything about LZW algorithm
    or even fi what your saying is correct,
    but all you need to do to use binary
    i believe is open the file in binary,

    ifstream file;"myfile.txt", ios::in | ios::binary);

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    #include <iostream>
    #include <bitset>
    using namespace std;
    int main()
    	// 16 bits each
    	short num;
    	// file to be written
    	ofstream file_in("file");
    	// 15 is equal to 000...01111
    	num = 15;
    	file_in << num;
    	// reseting, not necessary, but to make sure it works
    	num = 0;
    	// Lets just read 15 again
      ifstream file_out("file");
      file_out >> num;
    	cout << "The number is " << num << endl;
      return 0;
    Hope that helps... also, have a look at bitset class, it might be useful.
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    but all you need to do to use binary
    i believe is open the file in binary,
    The issue is how to write bits when all you can work with are bytes.

    You must arrange the bits 8 at a time, into a byte. If you want to write 10010, then 00010, you have to somehow make it into 10010000 and 10000000 instead (I put extra 0's after the 10 so that it would be 8 bits in total). Then you can write them one at a time to the file.
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