Thread: How can i send "ok"to my Vb at comm 1?

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    Question How can i send "ok"to my Vb at comm 1?

    Hello there..currently i am doing the serial communication between my Vb interface and the PICDEM 2 PLUS board in MPLAB ICD 2,so i tried sending the "ok"to my Vb from my board using this code
    putrsUSART((rom char*)"ok"); for a return, putrsUSART((rom char *)"ok\r");

    this code enable me to send "ok" to comm 1 but then it will follow by [00] after the "ok"..for examples is "ok"[00] is there anyway for me just to send "ok" and not "ok"[00]..hope to hear from you soon...thanks..

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    You already posted this on the C board. Go read the Announcements.

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