Thread: Best Free Beginner Online Books/Tutorials?

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    Best Free Beginner Online Books/Tutorials?

    Just curious, with those who tought yourself C++, what are the best tutorials and books you have found online?

    For my personal grasping of everything, and keep in mind im only a few "days" into it (even though most of the concepts i already get within the early sections of that book), i have found:
    to be the most useful for my needs. Like i said i havent read the whole thing yet, and its like the 100th tutorial/book collection iv found, but overall its turning out to be my fav. It describes everything very well, gives examples of everything, and stuff like that.

    Anyway i was just curious if any of you knew of good complete tutorials that helped you along your journey, or eBooks. And for any of you needing some at the beginner level like i said that is turning out to be my fav by far.

    Here is a couple more i like.
    - Its very short, and is the first one i read in full due to liking his style a bit.
    - Lots of PDF chapters, i dont like the explanations as much, never the less i'll be DLing it in its entierty to put on my computer for more refence.
    - That link is where i got ABC and LearningC++in21Days from, i havent hunted around it too much but someone else might be able to find another good book off there. And if you like it please post your findings hehe

    Welp guess thats all, hope someone else makes some use out of these, and if you have any resources that explain things well please enlighten me too
    i< hehe, later all
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    ...its like the 100th tutorial/book collection iv found...
    Well, you've researched more tutorials than I have!

    Personally, I prefer a real book for learning. I'll use the Internet more as a reference, or to learn more about some specific programming topic.

    I don't think you'll find any "complete tutorials". There's a lot to C++, and you won't find a "complete book" either. I have found a couple of complete online language references (see below) in addition to the ANSI C++ Language Standard which is not free.

    Of course there is the tutorial and the FAQ. Which reminds me, here's another FAQ.

    I also use the tutorial as a handy reference.

    My favorite reference is It is very 'technical'... almost like reading the ANSI standard, but, it is complete.

    Another very good reference is

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    k, well like the ebook i posted, its complete. And by complete i didnt mean front to back C++, i should have said that hehe. More of complete like how well it explains what it tries to tackle. Such as variables, complete in explaining it well and showing many examples. Ect..

    Overall im going to try to wait as long as possible befor i get a book, then i'll be headin to barns and nobel to hunt down a good one hehe

    And its not a 100 lol, prob more in the range of half that. But far more than i can remember lol (many a hours)
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