Thread: using extern, please help

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    using extern, please help

    Hi, I'm trying to use extern for a struct.

    The struct is for vertices and is first used in a vertex class

    //file vertices.h
    struct vertex{
    float x, y, z;
    class VertexClass
    vertex *vert; 
    void MakeVertices(int howmany);//make vertices
    //file vertexData.h
    //trying to use extern of above vertex struct
    extern vertex *DataForVertex;
    class VData
    vertex *DataForVertex;
    //I'm trying to pass one of the vertice structs from the other 
    //class into this 
    void MakeVertex()//initialise the external vertex 
    void GetVertexData(vertex *data)//get data from the vertices in above class
    Basicly I'm making vertex objects in the first class and in the second class I want to pass those objects (in a loop), to do calculations on them. I think if I'm trying to pass a pointer to a whole vertex instance at once , then I also need the same type to "recieve" the data? What I'm actrually trying to pass is a VertexClass->vertex[n].

    I have tried this but I get an undefined variable error for the vertex struct.

    Can any one help me with this?
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    You need to declare the variable in a .cpp file as well without the "extern" keyword.

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    Thanks for the replay, I just tried that but I'm getting a "no apprpriate constructor available" error.

    I have used extern before but I can't find the project I used it in now.
    The problem might be in how I'm trying to use it, are you allowed to use extern for a pointer?

    I just thought, does extern have to refer to an already instantiated object, or is it just telling the compiler that the definition is somewhere else?
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