Thread: have no idea where to start (not a project)

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    have no idea where to start (not a project)

    i was wondering about using databases and c++. i would like to play around with it databases, but i don't want to purchase one.

    another thing is that i would not know how to distribute it WITH the program....

    could anyone elighten me on the subject and point me in the right direction?...i don't even know what to search the web for.

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    Is there even a way to distribute a database? Most database apps are client/server where the enourmous database is server side.

    Also, you will want to pick a database client to use, like mySQL or Access. I've found Acees exceedingly easy (perhaps too easy) to use with VC++. Of course, if your not using VC++, then your on your own

    Look into SQL and try and find free libraries that wrap SQL.

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    Look into MySQL. Here's the basic rundown:

    You have a database. It is set up on a database server. Clients send requests in a very simple language called SQL (I guarantee you I can teach you in a matter of seconds / minutes). The server responds to your request be either returning certain data, or by making certain changes to the database.

    MySQL is a free (open-source, I think) database server that uses SQL. It goes hand in hand with PHP, which is a C-like web scripting language that is easy to understand. I have a PHP MySQL client I wrote that I'd be happy to give you as a demo.

    Once you've got all that down you can start looking for a networking API and an SQL API for C++ (or should the mood strike you, learn another language that makes it easier like C# or PHP).

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