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    Ok im a nub ofcourse, and im just wanting to get the basic terminology for the best ways to have apps communicate across the net.

    What i want to do is take my text based mud to the next level, first off i plan on making it over in c++ and using DDE (hopefully) to communicate with the mIRC app just allowing for me to get the simplistic repetition down in c++.

    Next i want to move into simplstic nintendo zelda type online, where many users come and move in an ever changing enviorment. My question is what would be the best way for data transfer? And by best i mean most efficient and at the same time safe for me. Im not planning on going into thousands of users, but none the less i never like to keep my code limited in the user aspect.

    So what are your opinions? As i said im a n00b so please keep it to the most simplistic terminology and point me in the right direction please . Im far off ofcourse, i plan on getting a bit more C++ down then tackling DDE transfers to start recoding my mIRC game into C++. The games server that is. So it would still most likely be occupying the lovely Windows Console look, kind of retro nerd right? Anyway, Thanks for the help!

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    What you need to learn is socket programming. Beej's guide is very good, and probably a good place to learn from. The code there is for linux, but about 98% of it is valid on windows as well.

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