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    Help! I'm still learning

    Alright, so the assignment for my entry level c++ class is to write a function isVowel in a program that can identify whether a letter entered by a user is a vowel or not. Here is what I have conjured up however know from looking at it I am very wrong in my approach, can somebody out there send me in the right direction, I cannot figure it out from my text and tutorials. Thanks for your input!
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    char isVowel(char ch);
    int main()
    	char ch;
    	cout << "Please enter a letter from the alphabet: ";
    	cin >> ch;
    	cout<<"the letter you have entered is: isVowel(ch)";
    	return 0;
    char isVowel(char x)
    	if (char ch = 'a')
    		cout << "A Vowel" <<endl;
    		cout << "Not a vowel" <<endl;
    	return 1;    

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    See my post to this in GD. Ignore a and b, though, and try to avoid cross posting.

    One other thing, make sure that your call to isVowel is not enclosed in quotes.

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    > cout<<"the letter you have entered is: isVowel(ch)";
    cout<<"the letter you have entered is: " << isVowel(ch);
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    Pseudo boolean is_val() function:

    bool class::is_val(possibly pass in your string here)
         1) toupper(string)    //from the <cctype> library
         2) create a loop...  perhaps a 'while' loop or a 'for' loop with strnglen( ) as a parameter
         3) make a character-by-character == comparison         
         4) return true when   string[i] == ('A' || 'E' || 'I' || 'O' || 'U')
         5) else return false

    Hope this helps
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    And just so everything in that thread is in this thread...

    if (char ch = 'a')
    should be
    if (char ch == 'a')

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