Thread: How to use GetPrivateProfileString function ?

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    >>That's odd...
    I've noticed a couple of anomalies like that between Oct 2001 and the current stuff - all they have to do is maintain backwards compatibility

    The Core SDK download includes a current MSDN of the Win32 API. If your Oct 2001 MSDN came from a VC++ install, you'll still have to use it for help on CRT, MFC, ATL, the IDE, etc...
    If you already knew that, shame on you for using Oct 2001 docs

    So I'm not totally off-topic, here's the online reference bithub mentioned: GetPrivateProfileString()

    And post your actual code skywind so we can inspect it.

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    Yeah, I've read the MSDN January 2004. If only they had a small example
    There is only one funtion in my program to response the WM_BNCLICKED event
    MessageBox(.....);//It shows the input values
    char* pResult;
    That's it.
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    My God ! It works , it works !

    I don't know why but it works. What a day !

    Thanks a lot guys !

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    I actually don't use MSDN all that much, and since we still program on VC++ 6.0, I'm not too worried about missing out on the new stuff.

    But you all are correct, the current version says it can be NULL, and you should definitely prefer the latest version to one that is three years old!

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