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       cout << setiosflags( ios::fixed | ios::showpoint )
            << "The total retail value was: " << setprecision( 2 )
            << total << endl;
    my question is what would the

    setiosflags( ios::fixed | ios::showpoint )

    thing do to my variable called total? a friend told me to use it for money, but didnt have time to explain what it means anyone?

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    Wouldn't it be easier just to put that code into a simple program and actually try it?
    I can't imagine that would take more than a couple of minutes.
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    I did it, and I know the output, but I need to know what setiosflags means and the ios:: before the fixed and what ios::showpoint means, I am new to C++

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    setiosflags is a function that sets the global flags that control the Input/Output Stream flags. ios is a name space for input/output stream.

    A google search could tell you about what the various flags mean and what they do. There are a ton of stream I/O articles, docs and guides online.

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    Here's a link to a good reference:

    Try looking on your compiler's documentation/help for setiosflags. If that doesn't help, try doing a search at (Click-on the footprints to get-to the free reference.) Dinkumware is the most complete C++ reference that I've found. ...But, I'm not saying that it's the easiest reference to understand.

    In order to understand how the the flags actually work, you need to understand binary numbers, bit-weights (1, 2, 4, 8, 16...) and bitwise operations.

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