Thread: Win32 programming, help please...

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    Question Win32 programming, help please...

    Ive been reading bout Win32 programming, and i understand the way that the message handler works, hungarian notation and how MS deals with events, but i need help in understanding the basics of how multiple items are displayed in the same widow. For example, a button and a menu etc...

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    The board has a Windows programming section, you're better off asking there.

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    These are resources. You can manually write a resource script, or use your compiler's tools to add resources to your program/project.

    Windows (somehow) knows when you click on one of these, and sends the appropriate message to your Windows processing-loop.

    You can put your own text and graphics in your window. Your program can keep track of the X, Y location of the objects in the Window. And, when you click the mouse, the mouse-click message includes the X, Y location of the mouse pointer. Then you program can determine if the user clicked-on one of these objects.

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    If you really want to learn Windows programming, get a copy of Programming Windows, by Charles Petzold. Almost all Windows programmers own a copy of this book.
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