Thread: n00b Warnins, C++ and my computer.

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    Question n00b Warnins, C++ and my computer.

    Just curious, for a strictly 100% C++ beginner(basically all code for that matter), what should i do to make sure i dont turn my computers HD into a pile of worthless gobble-d-gook.

    And is it easy to do? I wanna start learning C++ and i'll be doing it on my main comp, any suggestions? Iv got spare comps i could pull from storage but they only got win98 on them, and horrible specs, ment for takin apart and toying with hehe.

    So keeping in mind of my information on my computer i do not wish to lose, any suggestions? Or should i not worry.

    Thanks to any replies!

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    Dont worry about it. Buy a C++ book, or follow some online tutorials and you will be fine.

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    Well I suggest NOT reformatting during the course of your programming and your files should be safe

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    awesome, big relif! i really wanna do this bug long story short, i dont have an extra Windows XP, and id DIE on 98 lol. Thanks!

    Btw the tutorials on this website are wicked, any other good sites like these you guys suggest?

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    yea, you can't hurt your computer very easily when you're just starting out....when you get more advanced it's possible, but by that time you'll know what you're doing....or at least you'll know when you might mess it up.....the only thing that might hurt when you're first starting out is if you write some program that (purposefully) deletes files but by accident deletes the wrong files..... that and stay away from the registry....other than those 2 things, i can't think of much that could hurt your computer as a beginner...

    c++ is fairly easy to learn...i learned on my own when i was 16...i wasn't good at it, but i could write simple programs....just get very familiar with error messages and what exactly they a matter of fact, purposfully play with your code and make it do things that you're pretty sure are illegal and take a note of the error message...

    and this may come as no shock or some profound method of finding errors...but compilers tell you which line your error is on.....LOOK AT THE LINE NUMBER's amazing how many times people wonder whats wrong with the code on line X when the obvious error is on line Y

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    actually, you should watch out more for crashing your system -> make sure you don't have any long novels open that you haven't yet saved, because if you get into an infinite loop you may not recover...

    then again windows XP will more than likely save your arse when it comes to that because it'll let you easily kill your program... and if you don't it will
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    Is this forum a good place to ask all my n00b questions that the tutorials im going over may not explain well enough? basically simple oversites of the tutorials, cuz the tutorials here explain it pretty well. But just curious if this forum is generally for more advanced users or am i free to post.

    Assuming its not completely retarted stuff hehe, but you never know with me :/ lol.

    Oh and on the shortnote, is there a site that lists C++ commands (cin, cout, ect..) and what they do specificly?

    Like cin.get();
    which waits for an enter to be returned correct?

    And like cin.ignore(); is used for strippin chars as the tutorial says, is it just return characters? or what?

    Overall i like this language, i am fully aware im only in the most beginning stage as possible, but none the less its intresting. I come from trying to squeeze out every bit of potential for my needs (multi user stuff over irc) from mIRC scripting, but there just wasent enough. So im tryin somethin new lol. Thanks for your help so far with this nub hehe!

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    A good idea would be to search the forum first, because 99% of the n00b questions have already been asked quite a few times and it should be easy to find the answers.
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    >>other than those 2 things, i can't think of much that could hurt your computer as a beginner...

    After some brainstorming, I've come up with this lame idea: Assuming you have a malicious hacker after you or something, a system() call could be your undoing by accidentally executing a 'replaced' program (i.e. a malicious file called '' saved on your comp somewhere)

    Is this forum a good place to ask all my n00b questions that the tutorials im going over may not explain well enough?
    Sure, as long as you do a google and board search first, and try not to flame anyone - especially Quzah

    >>is there a site that lists C++ commands (cin, cout, ect..) and what they do specificly?
    You could look at or but usually a tutorial or good book are more useful for this kind of thing than a long list of functions.
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