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    few questions

    i'm trying to make a hockey pool program for a c++ project and i have a few questions, is it possible to change the background and font color without the GUI stuff? i so, can anyone tell me the code? one other question is how can the user save the data after its been inputted? like if i play a game and get a score, how can it be saved so the next time someone opens it, my score will the one to beat?

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    Save the score into a file, each time the program starts, make it open the file, and then display the Hi score and Players name, as for the fonts and screen color, are you just going to run it from a dos cmd, is so, you can change the properties of the cmd and save them so that next time your program runs, it runs with the new fonts, color. But you gota set that up of each machine, etc, so pretty sucky.

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