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    why is 11111111+1 + to -1?

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    Is there a typo in that question? I dont understand what you are asking.

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    You mean binary or decimal or what...

    If binary then all I can figure is that when the left most bit of a signed variable is 1 that means its negitive. Thats why and unsigned char can hold 0-255 and a signed char like -127 to 127 ( er something like that )
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    >why is 11111111+1 + to -1?
    Whether this is true depends on what universe you're from. Would you care to be more specific please?
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    well i think he is using some old 16 bit dos compilers... when he does 11111111+1 the limit of the variable is reached and the bit pattern is read as -1.....

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    i agree with vicious

    this is binary arithmetic as i suppose
    it is like this

    11111111 + 1 = 100000001

    since in binary most significant bit represents a sign
    it gets set to 1 and read as
    1------------->for sign ---->i.e.-ve
    00000001----->read as 1
    combine it as -1

    i hope u understood
    and anybody correct me if i am wrong
    been a long time since binary arithmetic
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