Thread: Visual C++ Debug Error?

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    Visual C++ Debug Error?

    What does this mean?

    It pops up when I close my app.
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    i probably means one of your chips are damaged.......i dunno, just a guess

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    after searching MSDN I found it is a bugg in the C++ library basic_string class when you assign a shorter string to an existing string the heap gets corrupted

    work around is to string::erase before assigning new string.

    I guess i should clarify that is one possible cause. But the main gist is a heap corruption.
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    mm interesting.
    Im not even using the string class as far as I know.

    Lets hope its just a bug and not something to worry about.
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    What happens when you debug it (hit retry)? Where is it in the call stack? It is most likely a bug in your program. Like manofsteel972 said, it is quite possibly heap corruption. If there is a destructor in your call stack that would help you pinpoint the location of the problem.

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    It says "DAMAGE after..."
    It's pretty likely to be a memory overrun problem with your code.

    I don't know whether that address is the address returned by malloc/new or the actual address of the damage. Either way, looking at the contents of that memory (and the locations nearby) using the debugger should give you some insight into what that memory was used for, and hence possible places in the code which could have used that memory.
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