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    arrays and files

    ok here is the code i got
    	fin >> szMap[x][y];
    the problem is well alot of things i think... the file is initialised szMap[37][37]; and the length of the first and only line in map2.txt is 37 characters long and x and y are set to 0 for the time being... besides wondering how to fix the compile errors would this work? and how would i load say


    into array szMap[][] from a file? because the example i have posted only loads one line (that im aware of)

    thx for any and all help
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    add the line - x++;
    at the end of your loop...

    and from my understanding y should be zero
       x   0  1  2  3       //x1 points (x1)y0...x2 points to x2(y0)...etc...
    0      L  L   x   e
    1      I  I    x   t
    2      N  N  x   c 
    3      E  E   x   .
    4      1  2   x   \0
    5     \0  \0  \0

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    > while(!fin.eof());
    Why this is a "bad thing" is in the FAQ
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    anyone know of a good file i/o tutorial because so far i have just been copying parts of examples...

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