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    For some reason, the below code will not work (ie, the loop will not break out if either a 'Q' or 'q' is entered for line).

    numelms = 81;
    char line[numelms];
    while (*line != 'Q' || * line != 'q')
    cin.getline(line, numelms);

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    oops nevermind

    nevermind just change it to and
    change to &&
    while(*line!='Q'&& *line !='q')

    the test you have states that
    it will be true if either

    problem is that when you enter a Q or q one is true and the other is false
    1 OR 0 =1; so it alwasy evaluates to be true;

    if you change it to AND 1 AND 0 is 0 and the loop exits;
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    Man, I can't believe I didn't see that... I did this kind of loop all the time and Java... it's too early to be programming man.

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