Thread: easy Q -> read a whole line from file

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    easy Q -> read a whole line from file

    i've done a bit of searching ubt havnt found anything
    its quite simple..
    i want to read a line from a file.
    since the default
    ifstream blah("blah.txt");
    blah >> word;
    gets a word at a time

    how would i read in a whole line from a file stopping at a \n

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    Have you heard of the almighty getline?

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    Someone correct me if I'm wrong but following your example( paperbox005 ) I believe it would be:
     ifstream blah("blah.txt");
     getline( blah, word );

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    Only if 'word' is a std::string, which hopefully it is since they're so much nicer than C-style strings.

    Alternately, if word is a char[50] or something:
    blah.getline(word, 50);
    Just Google It. √

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